Androscoggin County Fish and Game Association

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Member Minutes August 31, 2016 Minutes

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Androscoggin County Fish and Game Association

Member Meeting Agenda and Minutes

August 31, 2016

The meeting started at 7:00 PM with­ 30 members present.  President Ed Nichols welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Secretary’s Report

Kathy Kenney read the minutes from last month’s meeting.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Ed Stanhope; seconded by Chris Rushton; and the motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

Paul Gardner read the Treasurer’s report, explaining the money coming in and bills being paid.  The two biggest expenses this month were the funds to pay for the 12 Guns of Christmas and money paid out for clay pigeons.  As always, the Treasurer’s report is available to view in the glass case by the front door of the club.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report by Ed Stanhope; seconded by Roland Rancourt; and the motion carried.

NEW MEMBERS:  6 adults signed up for club membership at tonight’s meeting.  A motion was made to accept the new members by Ed Stanhope; seconded by John Lipofsky; and carried. As usual, new members must complete the process of joining the club by coming to the club next Saturday for a “walk-through” to learn club rules and receive their membership cards.  If you want to qualify to shoot in the indoor range, bring your firearm with you on Saturday morning.  Please meet Ed Nichols at the club at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning.


Falling Plates (steel-plate shooting event):  Takes place on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon – rain or shine – on the back range.  We have a steady attendance at this weekly event and it is a lot of fun.  Come out and join us! Cost:  $5:00 per person.  Hand guns only.  No hollow point ammo; no magnums.  Open to the public.

Steel Plate Challenge:  Takes place on the second Sunday of the month (over at the Plate Range) from 9 AM to 12 noon.  $5 to participate.  This is open to members only. The next Sunday event is September 11th.

Indoor Range:  John Chandler reported that the steel for the backstop is pretty much done.  We have a meeting next week to plan the next step.  If you are interested in helping, please talk with John and get on a list of volunteers so we can organize and schedule volunteers when we need them.

Trap Shooting:  Wednesdays from 2 PM to 6 PM and on Sundays from 9 AM to 1 PM (except when there is a registered shoot).  Cost:  $3 a round for members; $4 a round for non-members.  This is open to the public.

We had our last registered shoot for the year on Sunday, August 7th which was well-attended and lots of fun.

Air Gun Program:  We will devote Friday nights (from 5 PM to 9 PM) in the Fall to air gun classes starting September 23rd.  We provide air pistols, pellets, and targets.  $5.00 for event.  If you are interested, see Ed Stanhope.

Sunday Evening Postal:  Bull’s Eye pistol/one hand; Open sights/Red dot sights/center fire - 22s, .38s, 32s or 45s.  This is a State Association run event – around since the 1930s.  We shoot a set of targets and then they get scored – more details when the event begins.  Practicing will start in October/November.  Try-outs will be in December.  New shooters are welcome.  More details soon.

Five Stand:  Takes place every other Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. (The next Five Stand days are Sept. 3rd and Sept. 17th.) Schedules are up on the ranges.  Cost: $3.00 for members/$5.00 non-members.  Open to the public.  We are looking to increase the amount of people trying this event and encourage people to help us run it!


Friends of NRA Committee:  The annual banquet/fund raiser is coming up at the Ramada Inn in 2 weeks, on September 16th.  This is to raise funds for the shooting sports.  It is like a casino night – with firearms.  There is a live auction/silent auction/games and dinner.  A portion of the money that we raise stays right here in Maine.  Chip Hedrick reported that we have a pre-event raffle going on now for a winner’s choice of either a Ruger Precision Rifle, .308 Winchester, with a 6 – 24X power scope OR a Montana Rifle,.300 Winchester magnum (a custom made rifle).  The drawing will be at our annual banquet/fund raiser. You do NOT need to be present to win the drawing.  All of the proceeds from this drawing go to the Friends of NRA which has been very generous to this club over the years.  Tickets for the raffle are $20 for a book of 3 tickets OR $10 for a single ticket.   Banquet/fundraiser tickets (which include dinner), are on sale for $40 a ticket.  If you are interested in either banquet tickets or pre-event raffle tickets, speak to Chip.

Universal Background Check Ballot Question: Roland Rancourt spoke to members about this upcoming ballot question.  It is very important that everyone understands what is at stake here, because it is being described as a ballot question about background checks.  This is NOT true.  There is much more to this ballot question and everyone needs to vote NO on this question to preserve their rights in the State of Maine.  Please see the Club’s minutes from our last two meetings (June and July) to see some more in-depth information about this referendum.

Skills and Exam Day to go with the New On-Line Hunter Safety Program:  This took place at the club this past Saturday. The Skills and Exams day included a day of handling firearms, learning how to use compasses, reviewing tree stands, and taking the final exam for hunter safety. It is the practical day that goes with the on-line/home study that people do on-line now, courtesy of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  The day was a success and all 24 participants did very well.

12 Days of Christmas Raffle:  We have purchased the guns for this year’s raffle from Coastal Defense for a little under $7,000.  There are some nice guns in this year’s raffle.  We will have the list of guns printed up (with descriptions) on the back of the raffle tickets – which will be available after our annual fund raiser in the middle of September.  The first drawing will be on December 12th and one drawing will take place every day after that for a total of 12 drawings (until December 23rd).  Your ticket is put back in the raffle if you win, so you could win more than once!   There will be 700 tickets sold at $20 a ticket – as we have always done in the past.

Auburn Police Department Training – September 11th – 18th:  As a community service, every Fall we allow the Auburn Police Department to use this facility for one week for officer firearm training.  They will be setting up at noon on September 11th.  This day will only affect the short berm, the 50 yard and 100 yard berms.  Monday (Sept. 12th) through Friday (Sept. 16th) they will be using the outdoor ranges (excluding the trap ranges) from first thing in the morning until 5 PM.  They will be using the indoor ranges in the mornings (Mon. – Fri.) of the week.  Please allow the Police this time to train.  All year long, they are very responsive to our club and helpful in handling any issues that arise.  At the end of the training week at our Club, we receive a letter from the Police Chief that is very helpful in securing grants for the club.

Trash at the Club:  Roland and Ed advised members that members seem to be doing a better job cleaning up the Club.  A reminder:  your dues help pay for cleaning of the facility so you can save money by picking up after yourself.  Remember:  Carry out whatever you carry in to the Club.  If you cannot do that – use the trashcans that are conveniently placed around the ranges.

Sighting-in Day:  We are going to plan a sighting-in day at the club for the weekend before deer season opens.  We will let you know the date as soon as it is chosen.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Ed Stanhope; seconded by John Jalbert; and carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted by S.L. Hulbert.

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